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    Feonix Mobility Rising

    Providing people with options for transportation is one of the goals of Feonix  Mobility Rising a non-profit organization that is seeking to expand into communities across the nation including Yankton. Feonix uses a mobility as [...]
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    James River Bridge Meeting

    The current condition of bridges over the James River is the focus of a special meeting of the Yankton County Commission set for next Monday morning. While the Johnson Bridge was closed to traffic for [...]
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    Governor Noem’s Budget 2

    South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem addressed both houses of the legislature Wednesday and gave them her budget proposal for fiscal year 2020 which begins this July. District 18 Senator Craig Kennedy says he would like [...]
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    Governor Noem’s Budget 1

    Governor Kristi Noem gave her first budget address to a joint session of the South Dakota Legislature Wednesday afternoon. District 18 Representative Jean Hunhoff says she is pleased to see that state employees, education and [...]
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    Yankton County Zoning Ordinance Review

    Possible changes may lie ahead for Yankton County’s zoning ordinance as the county commission has decided to move forward with an administrative review of those regulations. Chairman Dan Klimisch says the number of requests for [...]

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