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    Napa Junction Growth

    Business expansions and planning for future growth are underway at Napa Junction located about six miles northwest of Yankton. Dakota Plains Ag CEO Matt Winsand says construction is on schedule for a new pellet plant [...]
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    USS Frank Evans 50th Anniversary

    A memorial ceremony for the crew of the USS Frank Evans which sunk fifty years ago during the Viet Nam War and took to their graves seventy-four sailors including three brothers from the Sage family [...]
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    April Sales Tax Numbers

    While recent sales tax numbers for the city of Yankton are positive, officials are striking a cautious note regarding what the remainder of 2019 may bring. City Manager Amy Leon says last month’s numbers showed [...]
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    Vandalism Response

    Recent acts of vandalism at the construction site of Yankton’s new water treatment plant and in the Meridian District have city officials looking at ways of discouraging future damage to public and private property. City [...]
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    RASDAK Round Up 2019 Welcome Set

    Before they head to Custer to begin their journey back across the state, the Yankton community is making plans to welcome about 100 participants for this year’s Ride Across South Dakota to town next Friday. [...]

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