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    Auld-Brokaw Trail Damage

    Monday’s meeting of the Yankton City Commission includes a discussion regarding the damage suffered to infrastructure throughout the community as a result of the recent flooding on Marne Creek. City Manager Amy Leon says while [...]
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    Gavins Point Dam

    New York Times coverage of the recent flooding throughout our region implied that Corps of Engineers officials had concerns about Gavins Point Dam surviving the surge in uncontrolled water when the Spencer Dam on the [...]
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    Knox County Flood Recovery

    As the process of recovering from the flooding that struck Knox County last week continues, local officials are encouraging others to visit the village of Niobrara this weekend and see the damage for themselves. Emergency [...]
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    Dive In Yankton Water Drive

    The lack of basic utility services including access to drinking water in the aftermath of the devastating flooding that struck northeast Nebraska last week led to an outpouring of support from the Yankton community that [...]
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    Falkenberg Preliminary Hearing Date Set

    An early April date for a preliminary hearing on second degree murder charges was set this morning for Stephen Robert Falkenberg related to the homicide and dismemberment of Tamara LaFramboise of Yankton. With his attorney [...]

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