Yankton County 5-Year Highway Plan

Yankton County 5-Year Highway Plan

On Monday night, the Yankton County Commission met to discuss the 5-year plan of the Highway Department.

          Ten residents spoke about road conditions during the public comment segment before the plan was presented.

          Mike Sedlacek, Yankton County Highway Department Superintendent, explains what one of the areas planned for next year…

          Both Johnson Bridge and Fleeg’s Bridge have PE Grants and will be seeing work progress on them.

Fleeg’s Bridge will be closed October 4th and 5th (Tuesday and Wednesday) during the day so the State can do foundation studies with a drill rig on the bridge. This is to determine how deep the pilings will have to be if the bridge is actually replaced.

          Commissioner Cheri Loest talks about some of the hard choices that have been made in recent years….

          The Commission made a call for volunteers to join the Road Task Force, and help navigate down these difficult roads, but reiterated that public feedback is always welcome. The Yankton County Commission will have its regular meeting at 6:00 pm on Tuesday at the Government Center Conference Room, and is open to the public.