Jason Jones Set for Trial in September

Jason Jones Set for Trial in September

A trial date has been set for the man charged in a quadruple homicide that occurred in Laurel, NE in August of 2022.

Jason Jones’s attorney Todd Lancaster, appeared in court Thursday morning at the Cedar County Courthouse.

Jones is set for trial September 9th-27th.

The location of the trial is still to be determined due to a motion to change venue by Lancaster.

Lancaster’s argument for moving the trial to a different location was based on two points.

Lancaster stated that he felt it would be impossible to hold the trial in Cedar County due to it being in the same county that the quadruple homicide occurred in.

Lancaster said that he feels that a Cedar County Jury will have already formed opinions on Jones, and up to 150 individuals that have been interviewed so far as potential jurors could be stricken for cause.

Lancaster also stated that the trial should be moved to a different county because he feels that local media coverage of the Jones case could create a bias, citing ten examples in court Thursday.

Judge Bryan Meismer stated that he will determine the location of the trial, whether it’s in Cedar County or someplace else, at a later date.

Jones is set for another pre-trial conference on May 28th at 3 p.m.