Paradigm Adding More Manufacturing to Yankton

Paradigm Adding More Manufacturing to Yankton

          Paradigm Technologies is expected to be opening up their new Yankton facility in the spring, or early summer, of 2024 for the manufacture of high-end, state-of-the-art, bolt-action sporting rifles.

          According to Paradigm’s president, Kyle Kenfield, the rifles are lighter than conventional rifles due to their carbon fiber stocks and carbon fiber wrapped barrels.

          Kenfield explains that the advantages of PTI rifles is less point of impact shift over long stings of shots, routinely seeing 50 shot strings at 500 yards achieve ½ MOA (minute of angle), so accuracy is maintained at a very high level.

          Kenfield talks about why they do what they do, “A rifle is a simple system and for it to function well every time – it needs to respond consistently to input. PTI’s approach to design of the components that comprise this system has been holistic and resolute – we had no desire to make another product – only a desire to solve the issues.”

          Kenfield notes that rifles are the first product that they will be producing, but they expect to use the technology for a wide range of products in the future.