Yankton County Addresses Solar Farm Ordinance

Yankton County Addresses Solar Farm Ordinance

          Yankton County Commission is trying to get out in front of an issue that they expect will be coming here in the near future, namely solar farms.

          Lauren Nelson, of the Yankton County Planning and Zoning Board, talks about how a moratorium helps them in their research…

          Gary Vetter, as the county’s Development Services Director, would be whom anyone wanting to build a solar farm would turn in the application.

          Commissioner Dan Klimisch talks about the desire to complete this process sooner, rather than later…

          After an hour of discussion, the Commission decided to form a task force to assist the Planning and Zoning Board in formulating this proposed ordinance, and expect to have a proposed moratorium on the next meeting’s agenda.

Their hope is to have a proposed ordinance for the Commission’s consideration by the end of this year.