Road Washout Gets Extra Attention

Road Washout Gets Extra Attention

          On Wednesday evening, the Yankton County Commission hosted a tour of several infrastructure items that desperately need work.

           One of the stops was at the Northwest Jim River Road washout, which is just downriver of the Stone Church Bridge

          County Commissioner, John Marquardt, talks about how much wear and tear the heavy trucks and equipment are currently subjected to…

          Half of this gravel road fell into the river in 2019, making it impassible to the farmers and the nearby gravel pit that the county uses.

          Marquardt talks about the difference that fixing this road would make to the county getting the gravel it needs…

          The county has opened this project up for bids, and one estimate is that the project would probably take about 3 weeks once work begins, but there is no timeline for when work may begin at this time.