Holiday Wrap-up without Fireworks

Holiday Wrap-up without Fireworks

          The Independence Day celebrations in Yankton almost came to a grand conclusion on Tuesday night, because the weather postponed the city’s fireworks show until Wednesday night.

          Tara Leonard, organizer of the 3rd on 3rd festivities, talks about the success of our local celebrations…

Leonard 1 (22 seconds) “and ready to go again”

          The next thing that Leonard has planned for downtown is Rock N Rumble on July 22nd with a poker run and live music.

          Todd Carr, Manager of the YAA Summer Band Concert Series, gives his perspective on how the weather couldn’t rain on all of our parties…

Carr 1 (23 seconds) “it was fantastic”

          Carr has bands coming to the amphitheater in Riverside Park every Tuesday evenings through August 1st, and to check out for the full schedule.

          Yankton’s annual fireworks show off the Meridian Bridge was postponed until Wednesday, July 5th at 10 pm due to inclement weather on the 4th.