USS Scorpion Memorial

USS Scorpion Memorial

         It is not every day that there is US Navy submarine activity in Yankton, but there was an exception to that norm on Saturday.

          There is a memorial for the World War 2 submarine, USS Scorpion, at The Lawn, next to the Meridian Bridge.

          On Saturday, the United States Submarine Veterans, Inc., and the Military Order of the Purple Heart, dedicated new signs and reconfirmed the Purple Heart status of the Scorpion’s 78 crewmembers.

          The Scorpion was reported as presumed lost on March 6th, 1944, on her way to her to patrolling the northeastern East China and Yellow Seas.

          There were 24 retired submariners, and 2 Purple Heart Recipients who participated in the ceremony.

          The Yankton Parks Department has agreed to install the new sign, plus 4 new signs for directing visitors to the memorial.