Land Grab Meeting Held in Yankton

Land Grab Meeting Held in Yankton

          On Monday night, the Families Feeding Families organization held an informational meeting on the 30 by 30 Land Grab movement, which they oppose.

          Margaret Byfield (By-field), their guest speaker, talks about what is behind the effort to gain control over private lands…

          The 30 by 30 initiative is an international effort to protect 30 per cent of the land from human development or use by the year 2030.

          Byfield talks about her invitation to the Yankton County Commission meeting…

          Approximately 250 people were in attendance, including three Yankton County Commissioners, and two of our State representatives.

          State Representative Julie Auch will also be joining Byfield at the County Commission Meeting at 6 pm Tuesday at the County Government Building.