Wild Goose Chase Ensued at Avera

Wild Goose Chase Ensued at Avera

A literal wild goose chase occurred at Avera Sacred Heart Hospital this week.

Avera Facilities Director Gerry Kast says that the plant operations staff at Avera was alerted to a goose trying to enter the Professional Office Pavilion.

Kast says that the staff took care of the goose for a little bit of time and the goose formed a bond with Jasen Clark, a staff member at Avera.

Kast says that eventually, Clark attempted to escort the goose to Westside Park, but the goose wasn’t interested, and continued to follow Clark around.

Kast says that the next day, staff called the Heartland Humane Society to assist with the goose.

HHS Director Kerry Feilmeier says that this was the first time that she has ever dealt with a goose.

Kast says that they were able to find a home for the goose with an individual in Vermillion.