Riverboat Days Raffle Winners

Riverboat Days Raffle Winners

At the conclusion of the Riverboat Days weekend, Riverboat Days officials drew winners for their raffle drawing.

Some of the bigger prizes this year included, four $500 cash prizes, $250 Yankton Thrive Bucks, four $100 Hy-Vee gift cards, 4 Minnesota Twins tickets, and tickets to Wild Water West 2023.

The four winners of the $500 cash prizes are Mary Milroy, Nate Eastman, Bill Kimisch, and Suzan Gangler.

The winner of the $250 Yankton Thrive bucks was Ruth Steil.

Scott Cameron, Sherry Feistner, Connie Wipf, and Sandy Taggart won the $100 Hy-Vee gift cards.

Bundie Clement won 4 Minnesota Twins tickets.

And Lloyd and Jalene Brunick won tickets to Wild Water West.