Car Accident in South Yankton

Car Accident in South Yankton

The Yankton Fire Department, EMS, Cedar County Sheriff’s Office, and Nebraska State Patrol responded to a 2-vehicle accident this afternoon by the South Yankton Shop E-Z convenience store and Riverside Auto Body.

Yankton Deputy Fire Chief Larry Nickels says that the driver of a Camaro broadsided a Ford Taurus. The cause of the accident is unknown.

Nickles says that the driver of the Camaro suffered no injuries, but the driver of the Ford Taurus was extricated by the Yankton Fire Department and was transported to Sacred Heart Hospital. Their injuries are unknown.

Nickles also says that the time of the accident was 3:45 pm.

Nickles added that the National Park Service was the first on scene and the accident is currently being investigated by the Cedar County Sheriff’s Office and Nebraska State Patrol.