Yankton City Redistributes Money for Aquatic Center

Yankton City Redistributes Money for Aquatic Center

Last night the Yankton City Commission met for a budget working meeting to discuss the proposed budget.

One of the main issues discussed was the possibility of moving some of the surplus money from the Huether Family Aquatics Center Construction Reserve Fund.

The money in the Construction Reserve Fund can only be used for the construction of the HFAC, or to pay down the bond early.

The proposal was to take $2 million of that money to set aside for a maintenance fund, so that future costs could be covered.

City Commissioner, Michael Villanueva, voiced concerns over the proposal …

Later, during the regular City Commission Meeting, the Commissioners compromised by setting aside $1.75 million in the maintenance fund, while leaving an expected $1.75 million for paying down the bond in December 2025.