Dog Causes Fire in Downtown Yankton

Dog Causes Fire in Downtown Yankton

The Yankton Fire Department says that they responded to a call this morning at 110 West 3rd St. which is Kick-Start Dance Studio in Yankton.

Yankton Deputy Fire Chief Larry Nickles says that there are apartments above and at the back of the dance studio and that the fire originated from the kitchen area in the rear apartment on the first floor and that smoke from the apartment spread throughout to the other apartments.

Nickles says that are no injuries, the apartment where the fire started is uninhabitable as well as an apartment on the second floor that will be uninhabitable for a few days due to light smoke damage.

 He also said that the dance studio and Head 2 Heels which is the business next to the dance studio will be closed for the time being due to light smoke from the fire.

Nickles added that after the cause of the fire was that the resident’s dog bumped the burners on the oven and turned it on.