City Commission Considers Rate Hike

City Commission Considers Rate Hike

On Monday night, the Yankton City Commission held a planning meeting to discuss the probable rate increase for waste water.

This was held in the planning meeting so that the Commissioners and the public has time to digest the information, and consider the proposal for the waste water plant upgrade, and how to pay for it.

The Director of Environmental Services, Kyle Goodmanson, explains the importance of a good wastewater treatment facility …

The upgrading of the waste water treatment plant is coming at a very advantageous time, because of all the funding that is available.

The project would increase rates by $6.31 per month for 4 years, so in the first year, a $45.22 bill would become $51.53 pre month.

Al Viereck, the city Financial Officer, explains the timing of the proposed rate increase ….

The Yankton City Commission will have the 1st reading of this proposal at their next meeting on June 13th. The 2nd reading and action will be taken up on the June 27th meeting.

The planning meeting for June 13th will be about the budget, and will  start at 5:30 pm.