YMC Donates To Servant Hearts Clinic

YMC Donates To Servant Hearts Clinic

Community support is a pillar of the Yankton Medical Clinic.

They recently presented Servant Hearts Clinic with a check in the amount of five thousand dollars. Servant Hearts Clinic was founded in 2012 by several community physicians who realized there is a community need for a free health care clinic.

Servant Hearts Clinic is open every Monday from 5:30-7 p.m. and no appointments are necessary.

A wide range of services is provided at Servant Hearts including treatment of colds, primary care exams, and early disease management such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Servant Hearts Clinic is not meant to be a medical home but is a place for patients to receive the help they need. Mental health and social work providers are on hand to connect patients with available services and agencies.

Servant Hearts Clinic Executive Director Frani Kieffer says all providers at the clinic are volunteers and are licensed. The clinic is available for anyone, not just Yankton residents, and relies on donations and grants for support.