Hunhoff Opposes Under 21 Bartenders

Hunhoff Opposes Under 21 Bartenders

Young adults would be able to tend bar in South Dakota, even though they aren’t old enough to legally drink alcohol, under a proposal advancing through the Legislature.

State senators voted 33-2 Wednesday to let people ages 18 through 20 open beers and mix drinks at bars, provided they’ve completed a national training course and another person who’s 21 is working at the same time.

Local Senator Jean Hunhoff of Yankton was one of just two Senators who voted against the bill…

Hunhoff, who co-owns Checkers Sports Bar and Grill in Yankton, says there is a reason why people under 21 cannot drink legally…

The bill now moves to the House of Representatives. This legislation, if approved, would apply only at establishments that made less than half of their revenue from alcohol.