Fordyce Attempted Murderer Granted Parole

Fordyce Attempted Murderer Granted Parole

A Fordyce man who’s been in prison for the last 18 months for stabbing a Yankton man has been released on discretionary parole. 47-year-old Kevin Haug came before the Nebraska Parole Board and was released.

The Nebraska Parole Board says conditions of his release included continuing to take his medications and participate in mental health counseling and not to have any contact with the victims in the case. Haug has plans to reside in South Dakota.

In its review of Haug’s case, the board took into consideration Haug’s institutional behavior as well as his participation in programming while incarcerated.

Haug was serving a sentence for the July 2019 incident in which he stabbed James Olson of Yankton, then led law enforcement on a chase.

According to court records, Haug broke into the home where his estranged wife and children lived and a fight ensued. Olson suffered a stab wound in his upper right abdomen that required surgery, a deep laceration to his left hand and cuts on his lower left abdomen.

Haug was the one-time owner of River City Treasures and Pawn in Yankton, who in 2017, helped local law enforcement capture wanted polygamist leader Lyle Jeffs after Jeffs tried to pawn pliers in his store. Jeffs had been on the FBI’s top ten most wanted list for about a year before being captured near Yankton.