Vermillion Woman Sentenced For Drowning Son

Vermillion Woman Sentenced For Drowning Son

Following an emotional hearing that lasted nearly two hours on Friday, a Vermillion woman has been sentenced for killing her one-year-old son.

27-year-old Maria Milda of Vermillion was sentenced by First Circuit Judge Tami Bern to 100 years in the South Dakota Penitentiary for killing her son, Easton Milda, on November 2nd of 2020.

Milda was charged with drowning Easton in a bathtub.

Fifty-five years of Milda’s sentence was suspended by Bern if she follows several conditions.

According to court documents, on Nov. 3, 2020, Milda and Easton’s father, Marcus Chapman, had disagreed earlier that day over the pajamas the 14-month-old should wear that night and how Milda was motivated to show Chapman that she had control over her son and eventually found a way to show power, control, defiance, ruthlessness and criminal thinking in ways that suited her in that moment. That is when she drowned her son.