6th Meridian Hop Farm Gets Green Light

6th Meridian Hop Farm Gets Green Light

While hops can grow in most climates, Ryan Heine, owner of 6th Meridian Hops Farm six miles west of Yankton, believes the good quality of the sandy shores around the Missouri River leads his hops to grow especially well.

The 6th Meridian Hop Farm closed to the public in 2020 and canceled all future events. Many would suspect the farm closed due to COVID, however, there was another reason.

Heine appeared before the Yankton County Commissioners to rezone his property from rural transitional to agricultural. The commissioners approved the request on a three to one vote after nearly two hours of public testimony on both sides of the issue.

Yankton County Commissioner Don Kettering made the motion to approve the rezone request…

Commissioner Dan Klimisch was the lone descending vote on the rezone request. Commissioner Wanda Howey-Fox was absent from the meeting.

Heine will need a conditional use permit to open a bar on his property but is hopeful that he can welcome the public back to his farm in the near future.