Tourism Boom In Knox County On The Horizon

Tourism Boom In Knox County On The Horizon

A boom in tourism could be on the horizon for Knox County.

Details have emerged this week by the Nebraska legislature on a proposal that includes major upgrades to Niobrara State Park and Lewis & Clark Lake.

A special committee of the Nebraska Legislature was tasked this week to develop a statewide plan to grow, manage and steward the state’s resources in a way that provides additional opportunities for Nebraskans, as well as potentially create additional economic opportunities for the state.

Further development of recreation at Lewis & Clark Lake was part of the $200 million proposal. Currently, only 121 boat slips — and an “incredibly long wait list” for available slips — can be found at the small marina on the Nebraska side of the lake.

The region of Lewis & Clark Lake, including the South Dakota side, gets about 2 million visitors a year, but only about 300,000 to 400,000 of those visitors come to the Nebraska side. The special committee proposed an expansion that would bring the marina to around 600 slips.

The committee is also proposing to add a lodge at Niobrara State Park.