Stay Off The Ice In Yankton

A group of friends skate at the Rosa Parks Circle ice rink on January 6, 2021.

Stay Off The Ice In Yankton

Stay off the ice-for now.

The outdoor ice rink at Yankton’s Tripp Park along Broadway in Yankton is not ready for public use. The same applies to the ice rink at Sertoma Park.

Yankton Parks and Rec Director Todd Larson says that there is some ice at the parks with grass sticking through as city staff haven’t been able to flood enough of the parks with all the recent warm temperatures. The grass sticking through makes it a little bit dangerous for those that want to try and use it as skates or shoes catch on the grass as they are sliding across the ice.

Larson says with the colder temperatures today, the parks staff will start once again to flood both areas again to get deep enough ice to cover the grass.  The public will be advised when the ice rinks are available for use.

In the last two days, there have been calls to the police department about people on the ice.