Vermillion Approves Final Cannabis Ordinances

Vermillion Approves Final Cannabis Ordinances

The Vermillion City Council has made the final approval to two new city ordinances that amend city codes related to medical cannabis establishments in the city.

One of the new ordinances that is now in effect replaces a city law which was adopted last May to define land usage of medical cannabis establishments. The second city law replaces an ordinance approved earlier this year that defines a stakeholder in such a business.

The law regarding land usage was approved by the city council last May in response to Initiated Measure 26, which was adopted by South Dakota voters in November 2020.

Council members directed city staff to prepare an ordinance for consideration to remove references to stakeholder as an individual needing to complete a background check.

Vermillion City Manager John Prescott says the new ordinance changes city code to require that volunteers in a medical cannabis establishments have to be at least 21, that the volunteers be listed among the other employees of a medical cannabis establishment, and that volunteers be subject to a background check.