Crofton Hotel To Be Featured On Ghosthunters

Crofton Hotel To Be Featured On Ghosthunters

There is no shortage of stories about hauntings in the Yankton area, but one of the most compelling is that of the Argo Hotel in Crofton.

The hotel will be featured on a new season of Ghost Hunters, which will be aired on Discovery plus January 8th.

Argo Hotel Owner Frank Marsh bought the historic hotel five years ago. He says the hauntings started the day he moved in…

Marsh says that the Ghosthunters show contacted him personally to conduct a investigation at the hotel…

The historic Argo Hotel was built in 1912 to serve the railroad traffic of that time. Some of the most commonly reported paranormal occurrences at the hotel over the years include unexplained cold spots, doors closing with no apparent cause, pictures that move on their own, and wandering apparitions. No one has reported feeling threatened by the hauntings; they’re just part of the hotel’s background.