Rail To Trail Proposal Takes Detour

Rail To Trail Proposal Takes Detour

An area nonprofit who has been pushing for several months to commission a feasibility study for a proposed rail-to-trail project from Tabor to Platte has paused its plan to seek funding for a five-mile demonstration trail.

Friends of the Tabor to Platte Rail to Trail announced that decision on Wednesday during a state Railroad Board meeting. Rail To Trail Co-Chair Ron Wagner of Tyndall says he wants everyone to be on the same page…

Many local landowners are against the project. They are afraid of liability issues and say the trail will interfere with farm land, cattle pastures and hunting grounds.

Landowner Dave Scott of Geddes says he’s afraid trail users will interfere with cows and their baby calves…

The Bon Homme County Commissioners are also strongly against the project.

The Rail to Trail group’s new plan is to now focus on applying for a grant to fund the feasibility study, rather than asking the state for funding.