Tabor Reveals Community Mural

Tabor Reveals Community Mural

There is a new masterpiece in Tabor.

Tabor is on the cusp of celebrating 150 years of incorporation next year, but the town is already displaying a visual representation of the city’s heritage in the form of a mural on the north exterior wall of the Tabor Public Library building.

The mural was commissioned as a joint venture by the Tabor Development Corporation, the Town of Tabor and the Tabor Chamber of Commerce.

Bon Homme County-native Robbie Jelsma designed and painted the mural. Operating as Portfolio 51, Jelsma works in a number of different mediums, including tattoos, canvas paintings and murals.

The mural represents a number of facets of Tabor’s heritage, including baseball, a cardinal, Czech Days — complete with a Czech Days Princess and kolaches — and other elements.