Wagner Principal Resigns Amid Allegations

Wagner Principal Resigns Amid Allegations

The Wagner High School principal has resigned from the school district after allegations that the principal had made racist comments earlier this year.

Wagner High School principal and activities director Neil Goter, and his wife Cindy, who was a teacher in fourth grade, both tendered their resignations earlier this month. The resignations where were approved at a special school board meeting.

A Facebook post this past summer alleged that Goter made the racist comment at the Fort Randall Country Club in Pickstown on July 15th. A Native American woman claimed she overheard Goter tell a group of his friends that her “face is so red that (she) must be Native American.”

The woman who posted the allegation said that Goter later attempted to apologize for the remark.

The unidentified woman said she registered a complaint with the Wagner school board, which she said took only “administrative action.” She did not elaborate what that involved, but she vowed to take up a petition to demand further action at that time.