Olivet Man Charged With 48 Counts Of Animal Abuse

Olivet Man Charged With 48 Counts Of Animal Abuse

A rural Olivet man is facing forty-eight animal abuse charges plus other drug violations after a search warrant uncovered dozens of animals suffering from malnourishment, flea infestations and other cruel conditions.

40-year-old Damond Baldwin was charged with forty-eight counts of animal abuse and drug charges after an October 21st search warrant brought the conditions of his property to light.

The Hutchinson County Sheriff’s Office says that they discovered 48 living dogs and puppies and at least two deceased dogs.

An arrest affidavit says the animals were in various stages of malnourishment and starvation, and many of the dogs had their ribs and bones showing through their skin.

Court documents say one package of food was found on the property, but was covered in mold.

When officers entered the residence, they say they located more puppies in a bathroom that were extremely malnourished, and found crushed up methamphetamine, a pipe and other paraphernalia in other parts of the house.

A woman inside the residence at the time of the search warrant allegedly told police that multiple people use the house to ingest methamphetamine.

An initial court date has not yet been set for Baldwin’s animal abuse and drug charges.