Workforce Issues Debated Tuesday In Yankton

Workforce Issues Debated Tuesday In Yankton

The Dakota Build Roadshow Open House was hosted by Yankton Thrive on Tuesday evening at the Boathouse.

Yankton Thrive’s Rita Nelson and Nancy Wenande spearheaded the efforts to bring local businesses, educational institutions and job seekers together to make a stronger local workforce…

With the current work environment in Yankton, local educators and Human Resource Managers are looking for new ways to attract the attention of new members of their teams.

The focus on workforce development ranges from teaching young adults the soft skills that are valued in the workplace, to helping employers show what they have to offer. Organizing tours of various businesses has proven valuable to both job seekers and potential employees.

Nelson adds that there is talk of possibly creating virtual tours of businesses for the tech-savvy youth…

Putting young people into the best possible position to start their careers was the focus of this event. The teamwork of educators, businesses and Yankton Thrive bring a regional approach to helping create a stronger workforce for Yankton.