Redistricting Process Causing Concerns Of Gerrymandering

Redistricting Process Causing Concerns Of Gerrymandering

A nonpartisan group says the current South Dakota legislative redistricting process allows for gerrymandering, and hopes to prompt a major change.

The South Dakota League of Women Voters is leading a statewide effort through a coalition, called Drawn Together S-D. They are currently gathering petitions for a question on the 2022 ballot, asking for an independent commission to handle redistricting.

Yankton Representative Ryan Cwach is in the thick of the redistricting process. He says politics need to be kept out of the process…

Cwach adds that he favors that ballot initiative…

Supporters of the current redistricting process say the map drawn after the 2010 Census did not result in any lawsuits. But two decades ago, the Native American community successfully sued the state, saying those maps violated their voting rights.