Rail To Trail Fight Splits Bon Homme County

Rail To Trail Fight Splits Bon Homme County

The proposal by a non-profit organization to turn a seventy-five-mile portion of the old Napa-Platte rail line to a recreational trail is facing some major opposition in Bon Homme County.

Bon Homme County Commissioner and former state legislator Ed Van Gerpen of Avon is speaking up on behalf of farmers across the county. He says that trail supporters need to get easements along the route from landowners who farm and raise livestock…

Van Gerpen adds that parts of the current rail line will be impossible for contractors to get into…

Neither the Bon Homme County Commissioners nor the Charles Mix County Commissioners have signed a resolution of support for the project.

Van Gerpen also criticized the time of public meetings on the trail proposal, saying that they are at the most inconvenient times for farmers who are finishing harvest.