Yankton Bathrooms Vandalized Again

Yankton Bathrooms Vandalized Again

The Yankton Police Department is investigating another incident of vandalism that occurred over the weekend.

Yankton Police Chief Jason Foote says that the bathrooms at both Memorial Park and Riverside Park were vandalized Friday night or early Saturday morning.

Foote says that having these public bathrooms is a privilege. He reminds residents to please treat these bathrooms with respect and if you see any misconduct, please contact the police department immediately.

It’s currently unknown if this wrath of vandalism in connected to a new challenge on Tik Tok that encourages young kids to vandalize restrooms by totally destroying them.

You can report any tips to the police department at 605-668-5210 or crime stoppers at 605-665-4440. If you have any information or leads on suspects from the vandalism, please call the numbers above. For any credible information provided a reward may be given up to one thousand dollars.