Duo Claims Two Million Yankton Powerball Prize

Duo Claims Two Million Yankton Powerball Prize

A pact that spanned multiple decades proved fruitful recently for a Yankton duo who has claimed South Dakota Lottery’s newest million-dollar prize.  

Emil Goodteacher and Donna Knodel became big winners by claiming a $2 million prize from the August 28th Powerball drawing. The duo won the game’s second prize, which also doubled due to the Powerplay feature.

For Goodteacher and Knodel, the big prize was the culmination of a routine the two friends had to purchase tickets and split any prizes. The two have purchased tickets since the late 80s, and their biggest win prior to the August 28th drawing was $400.

Knodel and Goodteacher’s win marks the first Powerball million-dollar prize sold in South Dakota since June 5th of 2013. While the drawing generated some buzz throughout the state, they didn’t immediately realize the $2 million prize was theirs. Knodel had heard rumblings of the $2 million ticket being sold at the Hy-Vee, and at that moment, she began to realize that they may have a life-changing prize.

With the prize claimed, Goodteacher and Knodel have some big plans ahead. Each noted that they will buy a new vehicle and share the wealth with their families.

The winning ticket was purchased at Hy-Vee Food Store in Yankton. Hy-Vee will receive a $25,000 retailer incentive for selling the winning ticket.

The duo declined further comment to KYNT News about their winnings and appreciate privacy from the public.