Yankton County Enacts Medical Marijuana Ordinance

Yankton County Enacts Medical Marijuana Ordinance

After several months of hard work, the Yankton County Commission finalized and adopted a medical cannabis licensing ordinance.

According to the ordinance, each of the four types of medical cannabis establishments — cultivation facilities, dispensaries, product manufacturing facilities and testing facilities — would be allotted up to 10 permits.

The Cannabis Industry Association of South Dakota Executive Director Ned Horsted spoke to the commissioners saying that their ordinance is very solid compared to other counties in the state…

Yankton County Chief Deputy States Attorney Debra Lillie has been instrumental in working on the ordinance and making changes for the commissioners. She addressed the timeline on when individuals can apply for a license…

With the licensing ordinance taking effect twenty days after proper publication, it was stated at the commissioners meeting Tuesday that November 4th is the likely date that interested parties can start applying for a medical cannabis license.