Yankton County Donates To World Archery Tournaments

Yankton County Donates To World Archery Tournaments

Officials from the National Field Archery Association appeared before the Yankton County Commission this week to ask for financial help to host next month’s world archery tournaments in Yankton.

The commission approved giving twenty thousand dollars to the event, but not without backlash from some commissioners.

Yankton County Commissioner Joe Healy has concerns with giving additional money to a facility that doesn’t generate any taxes for the county…

NFAA President Bruce Cull says there will be a big payback for the county during these events …

Ultimately, the commissioners voted 3 to 2 to donate the money to the world archery tournaments.

Archers from 81 countries across the world will be represented at the world archery tournaments being help September 16th through the 30th in Yankton.