Bon Homme Students Head Back To School Monday

Bon Homme Students Head Back To School Monday

Students within the Bon Homme school head back to school Monday.

The School District has a four-day school week, hence the need to start earlier than other area school districts.

The beginning of a new school term always brings excitement for students and teachers, however, the resurgence of COVID has caused some mixed emotions for many.

While planning for the upcoming school year, Bon Homme School Superintendent Brad Peters posted on the school district website that they are hopeful they will not face COVID-19 challenges of the past. Peters says on the school website that the Bon Homme School District will begin the year in a normal fashion. Administration will continue to monitor the fluid pandemic conditions and make protocol alterations, if necessary.

Peters, in an email with KYNT News, declined comment in regards to what their masking policy is and other policies moving forward.