Fruit Truck Coming To Yankton

Fruit Truck Coming To Yankton

The Fruit Truck is coming to Yankton Sunday in its last stop in town for the year.

Eight years ago, Irina Kleinsasser sold some cherries to friends after craving them while pregnant. Today, Kleinsasser owns a company called The Fruit Truck. It delivers a variety of fruits across southeast South Dakota.

The Fruit Truck will be in Yankton from 2-3:30 p.m. Sunday at Kopetsky’s Ace Hardware at 2404 Broadway.

Kleinsasser says “Being able to provide U.S.-grown, quality, fresh fruit at an affordable price is something in which we pride ourselves.”

The Fruit Truck delivers GMO-free, farm-fresh fruit that is cheaper than store fruit, which is sprayed to preserve it. The Fruit Truck’s fruit doesn’t need to be sprayed because it is delivered fresh.

The Fruit Truck is bringing Georgia Freestone peaches, Washington Dark Red cherries and Washington nectarines to Yankton.