Yankton Planning Commission Talk Special Permitted Uses

Yankton Planning Commission Talk Special Permitted Uses

On a four to two vote, the Yankton County Planning Commission moved forward with a recommendation to the county commission to remove special permitted uses from the counties proposed article five ordinance changes.

The Planning Commission held a public hearing on the topic at their meeting Tuesday.

Several Yankton County residents spoke to the planning commission, urging them to remove the section in the ordinance change where it would allow “special permitted uses.”

Yankton resident Guy Larson spoke to the commission, saying some things in the ordinance changes are good, but the “special permitted uses” are a deal breaker for him…

Yankton County Commissioner Dan Klimish also spoke, saying he was very concerned about the “special permitted uses”…

The ordinance changes, with the removal of special permitted uses, will be brought forward to the Yankton County Commissioners at their meeting Tuesday night.