YSD Admins Approved

YSD Admins Approved

Over the objections of one of its members Tuesday evening, the Yankton School Board gave its nod of approval to the promotion of three school district administrators to new positions within the district.

Superintendent Wayne Kindle says throughout their time working in the district, Jerome Klimisch, Todd Dvoracek and Heather Olson have demonstrated their leadership abilities.

Kindle says expectations for job performance are maintained at a high level throughout the district.

School Board Member Terry Crandall says his no votes on the promotions were because of the way they are being handled and not a reflection on each person’s qualifications.

Following Tuesday’s action, Jerome Klimisch will become the new Director of Student Services, Todd Dvoracek will take on the duties of Yankton High School Principal and Heather Olson, the role of Yankton Middle School Principal.