District 18 Cracker Barrel

District 18 Cracker Barrel

Local lawmakers spent time Saturday morning fielding questions from an on-line audience at the first of two Yankton Area Chamber of Commerce District 18 Legislative Cracker Barrels.

Legislation requiring a state-wide mandate to wear facemasks in public to help prevent the spread of COVID 19 has been introduced into this session.

District 18 Representative Mike Stevens says he thinks that wearing masks does help prevent the spread of COVID 19 and demonstrates support for anti-coronavirus efforts.

District 18 Representative Ryan Cwach says he supports the mask mandate but thinks it has little chance of passage.

While she thinks the mask mandate has no possibility of passing through the House of Representatives, District 18 Senator Jean Hunhoff says as Appropriations Committee chair she is requiring COVID 19 precautions during their meetings as much as possible.

The final District 18 Legislative Cracker Barrel for this legislative session will be broadcast on Face Book at 10 AM February 27th.