SoDak Meth Issues

SoDak Meth Issues

While South Dakota’s methamphetamine problem may have fallen out of the headlines, it has not gone away and the effort to combat meth abuse is being hampered by a loss in the number of agents employed by the state Department of Criminal Investigation.

District 18 Senator Jean Hunhoff says the latest trend is that little if any meth is produced locally, most of it is manufactured south of the US border and shipped north.

Hunhoff says state law enforcement needs more agents, equipment and software to apprehend people in the methamphetamine trade.

Hunhoff says just as has been seen in other areas of state government, DCI agents have been leaving South Dakota for higher-paying jobs elsewhere

.The Yankton Area Chamber of Commerce is hosting a District 18 legislative cracker barrel live on Face Book at 10 AM Saturday morning.