Augustana Not Putting D1 Plans on Ice

Augustana University confirmed reports last week for its plan to begin a Division-I Hockey team in Sioux Falls. The first report came from National ESPN anchor John Buccigross (Boo-Chi-Graws). Augustana has laid out a plan to transition from D-II throughout each of the programs and this is another step forward for the university, labeled “Viking Bold: The Journey to 2030.” The hockey team will be the first Division-I hockey team in the state of South Dakota. Buccigross is always watching college hockey news and he says this was unexpected from a national standpoint. He is pleased that a new state has entered into division 1 hockey and says this can exponentially grow interest in the game hockey around the state

Augustana plans to begin in 2023 and will line out more details in the late summer or early fall for its continued plan.