Well, you can watch RIGHT HERE, but there are many more options that may suit you even better!

If you are a YOUTUBE fan, you have a few options to view as well. You can find KYNTV just like you would any other video on Youtube, just search “KYNTV” and you are all set. You can also just click this link if that suits you.

FYI, you can also download the Youtube App on your SmartTV device, and access Youtube through that as well!

KYNTV has its own SmartTV App! Go to your devices channel store (Roku, Apple TV), and search KYNTV! Add channel to your list and you are all set.

If you are an Amazon Firestick user, you will need to use another option 🙁

Also, don’t forget to maximize the resolution! Some players will start out at 480p, click on the icon wheel and select the highest resolution possible!