KYNTV & How to Watch


If browsing the internet on your laptop, one easy way to watch KYNTV is to visit the homepage of and scroll down, you should find it there.


Yes, KYNTV can be found easily on Youtube as well! You have a few options, either open Youtube on your phone, computer, tablet, or ANYWHERE you have access to Youtube, even your big screen TV app. Just search KYNT or KYNTV and select the game!


Much like the Youtube App on TV’s, you can download the BOXCAST app for free as well with NO signup required. Download, load, search KYNTV and start streaming your favorite YHS/MMU athletics!


That’s right, KYNTV has its own app! Go to your Smart TV channel store, search KYNT, download our app, and start enjoying today. The standalone KYNTV app is available on Roku & Apple TV products, but also available on the Youtube App on ANY Smart TV platform. But the previous options are on many more platforms!

Maximizing Your Experience

While KYNTV strives to provide exceptional quality picture and audio to our broadcasts, sometimes your device may choose a lower picture quality option. On most devices, especially the Boxcast and Youtube Apps, you can select the little wheel on the bottom right portion of the video player and change the picture quality. If (for example), only 480p is available, that is due to our broadcast being limited to the internet quality of the location we are broadcasting from.