On Monday night, the Yankton City Commission met to consider adjusting rates charged at the Heuther Family Aquatic Center and at the Summit Activity Center.

Charges for membership to the HFAC and the SAC, plus the rental fee for the SAC were considered.

City Manager, Amy Leon, describes some recent changes at the SAC…

The HFAC season passes will increase from $62 to $64.

The SAC Adult Individual monthly rate will increase from $20 to $30, which is still lower than the pre-pandemic rates.

The rental rates for SAC facilities increased by 3% across the board.

Yankton resident, Mark Conrad, expressed his opinion on the proposed rate increases…

All three rate adjustments were approved by the Commission.

The Yankton City Commission will next meet at 7 pm on October 24th at the Career Manufacturing Technical Education Academy in room 114, and is open to the public.