YSD COVID 19 Policy

Following the recommendation of the Yankton School District’s Health Advisory Committee, the Yankton School Board took action last night to keep the district’s policy on close contact for people who may have been exposed to COVID 19 in line with recommendations from the South Dakota Department of Health.

The policy requires anyone who has been confirmed as having had close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID 19 to quarantine themselves for two weeks.

Superintendent Wayne Kindle says the message from state officials was that this policy needed to be decided on the local level.

Kindle says the health advisory committee recommended the district keep its current policy on COVID 19 close contacts in place.

Board President Sarah Carda says the opinion of health advisory committee members on the issue was unanimous.

Through noon yesterday, there have been two hundred ninety-nine confirmed cases of COVID 19 in Yankton County with three deaths attributed to the disease.