Yankton County Commission Forum

Four of Yankton County’s five candidates for two open seats on the Yankton County Commission answered a wide range of questions last evening at a forum hosted on Facebook by the Yankton Area Chamber of Commerce.

The field of candidates was asked if they opposed or supported the idea of reducing the minimum lot size in areas of Yankton County zoned for agriculture from twenty acres down to two acres.

Bill Conkling says there are some situations where allowing that reduction makes good sense.

Bob Gleich  says allowing two acre plots will cause problems for ag producers who may end up with neighbors unprepared for some of the realities of living in an area zoned for agriculture.

Wanda Howey-Fox says she would rather see a reduction from twenty acres down to two acres addressed on a case-by-case basis through the county’s variance process.

Incumbent candidate Don Kettering says he would allow two-acre plots in ag areas only in instances where family members are working to continue an existing family ag operation.

Not attending last night’s Yankton Chamber County Commission forum was incumbent candidate Gary Swensen who said through a written statement that he was unable to be there due to a prior engagement.