COVID 19-Hunhoff Comments

The ongoing COVID 19 pandemic has required leadership from public officials and citizens who most likely never anticipated having to address the drastic changes that this new coronavirus has brought to people all across the globe.

Former District 18 legislator Bernie Hunhoff says while our medical facilities have had time to better prepare for a spike in patient numbers, working towards healing the area’s economy should also be a priority

In the absence of strong leadership from Pierre, Hunhoff says the response of citizens to the coronavirus threat is responsible for the low COVID 19 numbers we’ve seen South Dakota.

Regarding the recent controversy involving checkpoints being set up on state and federal highways on some reservations, Hunhoff says tribal officials are taking the steps they see fit to help keep their vulnerable populations safe.

Hunhoff will be inducted into the South Dakota Hall of Fame this September at a ceremony in Chamberlain.