Area COVID-19 Update for 5/22

There are 44 positive tests for Covid-19 in Yankton County as of Thursday’s statewide report, with 15 active cases at this time. Yankton County now ranks as the seventh highest in South Dakota with positive cases. There have been three confirmed hospitalizations from this virus in Yankton. The Huron area has confirmed dozens of cases in the past week, and now Beadle County has 58 active cases of Covid-19.

From Thursday’s report, South Dakota health officials have confirmed a total of 4,250 Covid-19 cases in the state.  The report shows 91 people are currently hospitalized, and there have been 48 deaths linked to the coronavirus in South Dakota.

Woodbury County in the Sioux City area has been a major hotspot for Covid-19 with 13-hundred active cases at this time.  There have been 184 total hospitalizations in Woodbury County from the virus.  Three are now 25 deaths from Covid-19 in Woodbury County after three more were reported yesterday.

The Winnebago Reservation in northeast Nebraska confirmed their first death from Covid-19 on Thursday and they have had nine positive tests.