Mayor Johnson on COVID 19 Response

With a new municipal ordinance in place that has closed a number of local businesses to the public, city officials are urging people to take the COVID 19 pandemic threat seriously and to take actions to help slow its spread.

Mayor Nathan Johnson says while some people are acting on the message to stay home and practice social distancing, there are signs that more can be done in the Yankton area.

Johnson says educating people on the importance of flattening the curve of new infections is vital.

Johnson says the fact that much of the transmission of COVID 19 occurs from people who lack any symptoms of the illness makes slowing down the rate of new infections more difficult.

The South Dakota Department of Health is reporting that there are currently one hundred sixty-five cases of coronavirus throughout the state with seventeen people listed as being hospitalized and fifty-seven having recovered. Yankton County has had ten positive COVID 19 tests with two people considered to have recovered from the disease and is listed as an area where minimal to moderate community spread of COVID 19 is occurring.