Kennedy On COVID 19 Response

The response to the COVID 19 pandemic by state government in South Dakota has received criticism from a number of sources including municipal leaders across the state and at least one state lawmaker agrees that more should be done.

District 18 Senator Craig Kennedy says a statewide approach to the COVID 19 pandemic is needed.

Kennedy says a uniform approach to the issue across the state would be a more effective way of slowing the community spread of COVID 19.

The South Dakota Department of Health is reporting that through noon Monday, 240 cases of COVID 19 have been found in South Dakota with 22 people hospitalized, two deaths attributed to the disease and 84 people listed as having recovered from the illness.

Yankton County has had 14 positive COVID 19 tests with five people having been listed as recovered, and is listed as an area where substantial community spread of the disease is occurring.